YLI Electromagnetic Lock: Electromagnetic Lock structure is without mechanical bolt. Is uses the strong electromagnetic force to hold the door leaf. Electromagnetic Lock is suitable for frequent use passage which needs access control. Electromagnetic Lock is one of our most durable products. It is a easy Installed, Safe, firm lock. YLI can provide different EM locks and brackets to satify the needs of various projects.
Electromagnetic Lock
No mechanical issue;Specific magnetic material;A variety of standard;Signal output;Time delay function
Electric Drop Bolt
Time delay function;Intelligent logical circuit design;Suitsble for frameless glass door;Photoelectric sensor control
Electric Strike
NO/NC adjustment function;Electric strike for push bar;Specific solenoid valve;Manual and remote function
Door Holder
Wall mount type; Floor mount type;Extended wall mount;Two voltage options;Door signal output contact
Infrared sensor;A lot of material choices for the plates;Touch-Type;Different standard and size options
Power Supply Controller
Uninteruptted power supply controller;Switch type power supply controller;Wire type power supply controller
YLI developped Low-temperature Electric Bolt Lock which widely used in the access control projects. It can be installed in all types of doors directly. Embedded installation method will not affect the door frame nice outlook. It also can be used in 180 degree double doors. Based on the project requirements, YLI is welcoming specific bolt locks and brackets inquiries for different door and door frames from the customers.
YLI strike sereis are specially designed for European style, American style,Australian Style and other important styles. The strike is solid and durable. It can also be used with machanical locks. So that, the strike lock can be operating by manual or rem
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